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The WHMCS SMS Notify Is A Addon Module Which Undertakes To Notify Your Customers Before The Expiry Date Of Domain Names Or Services Like Hosting And Not Only.

So Your Business Provides An Immediate Renewal Of Customers' Services & Provides Quick Update To Customers.

You can easily configure the module so that it knows what to do.

For example if your company is based in the European Union the module automatically knows how to apply taxes including rates and names, if you are asked to generate and submit MOSS reports and so on.

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WHMCS has always been like this since its first release because its developers want to focus on other aspects of the software but luckily they gave us tools to complete and make a perfect billing system. We use WHMCS since 2008 and with time we have customized hundreds of systems based on the different requirements and needs of clients.

The Domain due date syncer (I couldn’t think of a shorter name, sorry) is a simply module which alters Active domain’s next due date to be the expiry date minus X days.

This can be set from the Module Options and defaults to 7 days.

This hooks into the daily cronjob and runs each day with that which should ensure new domains are updated and old ones are kept in sync with renewals and other changes, however if required it can also be run from the Addons page.

This module is pretty much ready to go so I hope to have it packaged up and available pretty soon and am looking at offering a yearly leased license for £10/year or an owned license for £20.

Whmcs next due date not updating