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THE TWO SIBLINGS BICKER BACK AND FORTH ABOUT WHO'SE CUM MADE THE BIGGER MESS!!! It's a rainy day...their Parents are away...Shauna and Her Baby Brother, Josh are fighting over the remote (as usual).....bickering about what to watch on TV. As it turns out, Shauna can't find anything decent on TV, so She confesses to Her Brother's Her "horny time of the month"...She suggests that, even though they are Brother/Sister..they...Shauna's words....."Jerk each other Off!!

Shauna wins, of course..only is She the oldest Sibling... " Josh has no interest in mutual masturbation with his bratty Sister..Shauna knows a secret about Josh..She's going to take advantage of it...."Hey Booger-Head....

INSTANT MESSAGING ON SKYPE –All day long domination sessions, tease, tasks, agony aunt, roleplays or just some kinky typed chat to keep you horny! There are so many things I enjoy, some of my favourites are as follows ….

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