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I have a Windows Plex server working fine with Plex and i Tunes playlists so there is something to compare against.fpaste link -OK - I think I found part of the problem. I also put it in a path with no names (/var/hda/itunes).I restarted amahi-plex and ran an import - green light - it finally took the file.

(Streaming Brain) Removed ' Prioritize streaming transcodes' preference.Sick Beard is an opensource software, but it can be a bit difficult to install from the project site.To easily install Sickbeard visit and download a mac app from there.In order to start automating, you need to setup the download process.First download and setup Sabnzbd (Instructions on lifehacker or ). Some pointers on the setup : During the setup wizard, Sab Nzb will ask you to provide your usenet credentials, without this it will not download anything. The download archive comes with a folder called scripts.