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At that point, sexting is neither consensual nor innocuous.

One may have any number of personal objections to sexting, but as long as sexted images are taken voluntarily and shared consensually, it is none of the government’s business.

Try having an honest conversation with the person you sent the image to. Getting help The sooner you talk to somebody about the situation the better.

This could be your mum, dad, carer or a school teacher.

You can then request to connect with your friends and you can send invites to anyone else in your address book to connect with you on snapchat. Take a photo (Or a 10 second vide0) and then add text or drawings / doodles to the image. Your friend can then reply with another image / message or they can simply instant message you back. The other option is to post the photo to “Your story” where all your snapchat friends will be able to see the photo for 24 hours before it self destructs.

It’s a fun way of sending a message instead of a boring text message. You can then send the snap to a friend or group of friends and it will self destruct within a set period of time (Between 1 – 10 seconds). In this parents guide to Snapchat we will explain why kids like using it, what dangers you need to be aware of and how to advise and protect your child. However, many tweens sign up for it giving a bogus date of birth.

Far too common is the case where jilted former lovers have sent nude pictures of their exes after a bad break-up to classmates, friends, coworkers, and relatives.However, sexting does happen amongst teens and it is something that you should be aware of as a parent.Many parents think that sexting involves 2 people sending either risqué or explicit text messages to each other.Updated June 2017 Sexting is a new twist on the timeless desire of teens and adults to engage in sexual expression.Sexting involves the practice of creating, sending and/or posting sexually suggestive images or video via mobile phone, email, or over the Internet. More than one in three young adults between the age of 18-24 have sexted, and one in four teenagers have done the same. Despite widespread and oftentimes breathless media coverage of teenage sexting stories, it is hardly confined to the under-30 crowd.