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Contents [hide] 1 History 1.1 Early history 1.2 Mongol Empire 1.3 Manchu domination 1.4 Independence 1.5 Alignment with the Soviet Union 1.6 1990 Democratic Revolution 2 Government and politics 2.1 President 2.2 The State Great Khural 2.3 Prime Minister and the Cabinet 3 Foreign relations and military 4 Geography and climate 5 Administrative divisions 6 Economy 6.1 Industrial sector 6.2 Science and technology 6.3 Service sector 7 Demographics 7.1 Languages 7.2 Religion 7.3 Education 7.4 Health 8 Culture 8.1 Sports and recreation 8.2 Architecture 8.3 Music 8.3.1 Popular music 9 See also 10 References and notes 11 External links [edit] History Main article: History of Mongolia One of the greatest advances in human culture is the nomadic pastoralism , the adaptation by nomadic people to survival on the world's grassland by raising livestock rather than crops which are unsuitable to the terrain.…I\'ve lived in many countries in Europe, Africa and South America.There are 0 registered users online and 0 guests online.With difficulty digesting caught and that Alain I shouted: “Beast!“Devastated and exhausted came out of it, licking buttocks as affectionate puppy, full of gratitude, gently stroking the thighs, strongly pressed to her, hugging her waist, leaned to his ear and whispered,” I just flew over the entire universe.