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Mr Putin claimed his government condemns the use of chemical weapons by any party in the conflict and called for an investigation.

"Those guilty must be found and punished, but this can be only done after an impartial investigation," he said.

A new receptionist needs to be hired, and someone has altered the spell check on the computers.

Angela Merkel has publicly raised concerns over the reported persecution of gay men in Chechnya with Vladimir Putin, following wide-ranging talks.

The German Chancellor raised the alleged capture and torture of more than 100 people at a joint press conference with the Russian President in Sochi.

Casper and Kenny challenges each other to perform progressively more idiotic tasks - The penalty for not completing a task is the publication of some quite incriminating pictures, taken at a strip-club.

Meanwhile Robert is in the process of acquiring a hunter's permit, which, as it turns out is not the best idea.