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Standing over a ball with red stripes around it does not look anything like the ball I play when I'm on the course. Practice for golf should prepare you for going out on the golf course. In golf, an "eagle" is not the emblem of the United States of America, but rather a score of 2 under par on a hole.An "apron" is not a garment worn over your clothing to keep you clean in the kitchen, but rather the closely cut area just around the edge of the green. There should be a law against golf balls this ugly. You've all seen them, you know what I'm talking about, those ugly things that feel like you're hitting a rock with big nasty red stripes all around them.Golfers with a nice head of hair will wear visors, bald guys and guys with ugly hair will be wearing hats.Something to think about: The great debate of whether to wear a hat or a visor is almost as mind boggling as whether donut holes are really created by making a hole in a donut or just a marketing ploy to get us to buy those delicious little things.

This is a fairly simple solution to removing the ugliness from range balls.

Date is an online golf community developed specifically to help people expand their golf network.

Date is more than just dating, offering members an opportunity to share their passion for golf.

I'm outgoing humorous with a positive outlook in life.

I like keeping fit and have a load of interests including watching Golf,outdoors, cooking, tennis, fishing,...