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Twitter doesn’t bill itself as a dating service or even a place to meet people.Since its founding in 2006, however, it has emerged as an unlikely matchmaker for singles who share highly specific interests, made searchable using hashtags.Former reality stars Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D are now dating!Aubrey and Pauly have been filming “Famously Single“ – you know that new reality show Brandi Glanville is also on – apparently fell in love during filming and decided to be famously coupled!

WASHINGTON—Trading legends they had heard about the old chair as they gathered together a safe distance from the abandoned, dilapidated structure, a group of neighborhood teens reportedly stopped while passing through Capitol Hill this afternoon and spent several minutes throwing rocks at the heavily overgrown, long-vacant Supreme Court seat.

WASHINGTON—Saying he has come to dread the end of each day’s session, recently sworn-in U. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch revealed to reporters Wednesday that he remains bashful about showering in front of his new colleagues.

HOWARD, MD—Shaking his head and sighing as he viewed the televised proceedings, Merrick Garland reportedly grumbled “Could’ve been me” while watching Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s Senate hearing Monday at a local bar with his fellow highway maintenance workers.

A collection of almost fifty essays which analyze emerging trends in American life, from alternative currencies to online dating, from national intelligence reform to gun control, and from Antonin Scalia to Iggy Azalia.

When famewhores collide the opportunity for love and attention blossoms.