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Karen Bigman (pictured) calls herself a 'divorce concierge'.As a certified divorce coach, she can help you with everything from issues around co-parenting and dealing with your ex to finding the right ‘divorce team’ of financial experts and lawyers. ”’Divorce is messy and overwhelming, she says, because there are so many important decisions to make in a short time, to say nothing of the emotional roller coaster.

So she has teamed up to launch a series of divorce retreats with two others: financial adviser Jo Read, 45, author of manual Suddenly Single, and independent divorce consultant Nicky Ingram, 45, who has 14 years of working in solicitors’ firms.

From the magazine How do we track where we are going and where we have been? But it turns out they have a separate method of keeping track of their whereabouts called “optic flow.” Matthias Wittlinger joins Sarah Crespi to talk about his work with these amazing creatures.

The problem of navigation has been solved a number of different ways by animals.

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News stories on magnetic waste in the brain, the top deal breakers in online dating, and wolves that are willing to “risk it for the biscuit,” with David Grimm. The desert-dwelling Cataglyphis ant was thought to rely on stride integration, basically counting their steps.