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(laughs) Krzywonos: (laughs) Jaraha: They don't have anywhere to get answers to all of the questions they have. shows for retina docs who are looking for a new practice partner, or even an app they can use, like, I don't know, Tinder. We were all gathered in the kitchen, where people always gather at these events, and we're snacking and drinking and having a good time. Mango: In the future they'll certainly be a time when I'm looking for a new associate/partner, to join me. How do I find a partner who brings out the best in me? Now, Charlie said he would have other options, if he didn't take the online route. Uh, which is difficult, because that takes a commission. I was at this get-together with Geeta and Charlie, and a bunch of other retina docs, in Pasadena. Geeta and Charlie will be our guides to the dating world of Retina, specifically, these four areas of focus. How do I know if I need something serious versus something casual? Krzywonos: Okay, so there's your old-school ways of finding a candidate. The kind of ad that reads, "Single retina doctor seeking single retina doctor-" Krzywonos: (laughs) Jaraha: "Who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain." (laughs) Krzywonos: (laughs) Exactly, and the modern version asks those piña colada enthusiasts to go online.The reporter-source relationship can blossom into something more intimate and more troubling, as evidenced by the Suzy Wetlaufer-Jack Welch affair.

Someone who will be content with sitting at home being goofy or going out bowling, to the bars anywhere really. I am a very active person, but on the other hand I am a very responsible and caring girl. Eating good food, listening to music, Riding my motorcycle.. I enjoy I am just a single girl, looking for someone to join me on my adventures. Um, but I look at taking on a partner very much the same way. And, we're going to answer them, or at least we hope, in this episode. Jaraha: Well Scott, let's take a look at question one. Mango: Both the AAO and the ASRS, I believe, have traditional print ads, and online ads. (applause) And here's the star of our show, and you're host Jim Lange. Lange : Rather than the dynamic duo, we have the terrific trio, primed and ready to meet our first lovely, young lady. Krzywonos: Like, are you even ready to date and do you find someone your age, or someone older? Jaraha: Yeah, I mean, the list of questions goes on. We'll start with Charlie, who pointed to some traditional routes.Now, Suzy Wetlaufer did what journalism ethicists say you should do under such circumstances--she told her boss about the liaison before the story was published.But for a number of staffers, the revelation came too late, and her leadership was questioned.