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actor, who turned 40 last month, has achieved massive success at the box office with a hit big-screen franchise, found "the one" with his longtime boyfriend, Miles Mc Millan, and is now bringing attention to a project that is near and dear to his heart. i am above all blessed with you in my life and i cannot wait to keep forging our path together side by side. "Obviously, I do." Quinto revealed that the couple's ideal date night is far away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood."I feel really like I'm in exactly the place that I want to be and that's something that I feel really grateful to be able to say," he told ET. "I feel like it's a hike with the dogs and dinner and a movie or something.Quinto stopped by ET Live on Wednesday morning to discuss his new project with the World Wildlife Fund and Tiger Beer to help protect and double the amount of endangered tigers currently living in the wild. It's pretty simple," he said, adding that Mc Millan is quite the cook in the kitchen.WATCH: Zachary Quinto Gets His Freak On, Perfectly Channels Missy Elliott on 'Lip Sync Battle' today as a @tigerbeerus partner i removed my profile pic to mirror the disappearance of tigers in the wild… MORE: Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana Appreciate Rihanna's 'Star Trek' Ballad But Mc Millan isn't the only leading man in Quinto's life! "I really loved the movie and I thought the moment that it captured in the zeitgeist and the idea of female empowerment in that way was so boldly and unapologetically and beautifully done," he said.

"I felt like as a well-documented and longtime animal lover, it was something that I felt really connected to and I don’t often feel connected to opportunities like this, so it was nice to feel like there was an authenticity to it." Quinto is also spreading awareness for these endangered animals to his one million followers on Instagram by removing his profile picture to "mirror the disappearance of tigers in the wild" and he's encouraging others to do the same. and how inspired i feel to spring into a new decade with confidence and purpose and freedom and joy! it's always so special to kick off our world tour down under.

Die Eltern von Chris Pine, Robert Pine und Gwynne Gilford, sind Schauspieler.

Seine Großmutter mütterlicherseits, Anne Gwynne, war ebenfalls Schauspielerin.

Filed under: Baby Blabber • Jonathan Rhys Meyers • Cute! Looks like they've got the whole secret pregnancy thing down! But is it the strangest baby name a celeb has given their child?! Well, it seems that the 37-year-old has put the incident behind him because he looked much healthier when he was spotted for the first time since then on Monday. On May 15, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was spotted out in London clutching a bottle of vodka and looking quite worse for the wear.

According to the outlet, the actor and his fiancée welcomed a son last month! just days after the world first learned his lady love was even expecting! As we previously reported, Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a very public relapse with alcohol back in May where he was photographed walking around London with an open bottle of Vodka.