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She’s traveled extensively, is fluent in several languages and has lived in a myriad of foreign cities and cultures.

Like most who have spent their childhood moving from place to place, she has learned to be independent, like her own company (which is not to say she is a loner, far from it), be gregarious and outgoing, with the self confidence (or at least, the veneer of such) to talk to anyone, make friends quickly and fit in - or to appear not to care if she does not.

She has a worldliness beyond her years, courtesy of her travels, and is highly intelligent - although never boring and dull with it.

Also this week, we met Scott, a surfer bro/paramedic, a combination I've never heard of before. He said, "Honestly, I wanted to back track and get back in the cab." But he didn't.She wants to be free for the time being, but again, he would 100% have a chance to get her if he put in the time.” Yes, Kylie is apparently open to dating anybody.Played by Rhiannon Fish April Scott has fitted more into her 16 years than most adults.While no one could reasonably presume that sitting next to each other at a basketball game means two people are dating, it's also something of a rite of passage for celebrity couples.You know the photos I'm talking about — the paparazzi shots where the lovebirds are sitting courtside at a big NBA game in their jeans and baseball caps, happily cheering and maybe even holding hands.