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But when many people adore you for your professional achievements, people often tend to be very interested in your personal life as well.Also, speculations of her dating her co-star are spreading like wildfire. Erin Krakow is beautiful, and she also has a fulfilled career thus far.Mary attracted the attention of both Andy and Barney in an episode titled “Three’s a Crowd.” Peggy Mc Millan Andy dated nurse Peggy Mc Millan (Joanna Moore) during the show’s third season.

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He doesn’t have many shirtless pictures and is quite the opposite in real personality regardless of what he seems like in Vine.Sharon De Spain We learned a bit about Andy’s past at his high school reunion, which took place during the show’s third season.On the episode, he was reunited with his high school sweetheart, Sharon De Spain, played by Peggy Mc Cay.And as in her professional career, Coulter has seen different phases of ups and downs in her personal life as well.From her prominence in her career to her comparative downfall, Coulter has been in several relationships— both long term and short term.