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She didn't seem to mind all that much (which, for me, added to her appeal), and even offered her own assessment that she looked "like a garage." What I want to know is, where are the other kinds of descriptors - for example, "interesting"?Another woman was highlighted intermittently during Susan's performance - judge Amanda Holden.She cared for her widowed mother for years, never married and sang in church and at karaoke nights at the pub." I don't doubt that the AP writer would find that existence drab.But I don't think he's asked Susan Boyle how she views her own life. Or maybe she loves her life, with its space both for solitude at home and sociability at the pub.Unlearned Lesson #2: The ism that slipped under the radar, still again Letty Cottin Pogrebin, founding editor of Ms.

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Almost immediately, the Cochran campaign poked holes in the story — noting, among other things, that Johnson had paid his source, Stevie Fielder. However, Fielder didn't entirely disavow the statements he made to Johnson.

No one would (or should) call Amanda dowdy, pudgy, or matronly. She looked like a star - blond, slim, and beautifully dressed.

Just what you would expect from someone in her position. Even apart from any matters of talent, I just liked watching Susan more.

I, too, loved the story of the woman who walked on stage to the sound of snickering, only to shock and wow them all with the sound of her music. I've also been intrigued by the rising tide of voices proclaiming that, thanks to Susan Boyle, we have learned our lesson: We prejudged her before we heard her sing. She's called dowdy, homely, matronly, frumpy, chubby, frizzy, and more.

I think there are several lessons that have gone unlearned. Unlearned Lesson #1: What we still don't see in Susan Boyle's appearance I'm flipping through my collection of clippings, looking for the descriptions of Susan Boyle's appearance.