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Renovation projects arise for a variety of reasons, some elective and others out of necessity.

They were very careful to well research answers to my questions before making changes to ensure a smooth transition.

I will and have already recommended KELL to other nonprofit organizations, and we expect to work with them again for future training and growth needs.

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As a teacher, you know how important it is to plan teaching strategies and activities that match young children's developmental needs and characteristics.Westinghouse represented AC power and would be the eventual winner.You can read more about the battle HERE, but I thought it would be interesting to point out that this battle eventually became a political one.DC would have required local generators on every street or even every home, which was not possible nor economically viable at the time.Hang on a second though…a DC generator on every home…sounds familiar…where have I heard about something like this before? However, even more interesting than the fact that solar power produces DC power output is that any kind of storage will have to be in DC.